Parts & Service

Bring Your Car To a Trusted Technician

Collishaw Auto Financial not only provides consumers with great alternatives to auto loans and leases, we also provide customers expert auto maintenance.

We know what a major inconvenience it is to have your car in the shop. This is why we provide fast, high quality services at reasonable prices. Our Parts & Services Department has the knowledge and skill to make sure your car is in and out in no time. Whether you need an oil change, transmission service, brakes, or even engine repair, we have you covered. Remember, routine maintenance is the key to keep your car running.

We are an authorized Motor Vehicle Inspection station.


Brakes, Shocks and Struts Repair Service

Collishaw Auto Financial technicians are familiar with cars, trucks and SUV’s of all makes and models. We provide a complete line of brakes parts and brake repair service.

Oil Changes

We understand the importance of good car maintenance and the need to have a regular oil change done preferably every 5000 kilometers or 2 months depending on your driving habits or as often as recommended by the manufacturer. Our technicians will recommend the right oil for your vehicle, inspect your car’s air filter and check fluid levels of your brakes, power steering, transmission as well as coolant or antifreeze.

Tire Purchase, Installation and Repairs

Collishaw Auto Financial provides expert tire sales and service. We sell genuine Bridgestone and Firestone products. Our technicians will inspect, rotate and balance your tires as scheduled. When it is time to replace older tires with new ones, our technicians will assist you in determining the correct size as well as type of tire best suited for your vehicle and based on the type of driving.

Repair Financing O-A-C

Could you be facing a huge repair bill? We at Collishaw Auto offers an easy solution. If you have a major repair to be done, or need brand new tires, ask about our ‘repair financing O-A-C’, where you choose low bi-weekly or monthly payments.

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