Getting Your Car Through Winter 6 easy steps!


winter-car-imageThey say preventative maintenance is the best kind. But what if you didn’t get your car winterized?  What can you do to make sure you and your car get through unscathed?

Plug in your vehicle. If your vehicle has a block heater, use it, especially on those nights that the temperature dips below -15 Celsius. The block heater will keep your engine warm so when you’re freezing, it will still start up and get you ready to roll.

Check your tire pressure.  The colder it gets, the lower your tire pressure. That makes it very important to keep an eye on it throughout the winter months. Ideally you should check it every time you get gas, but at the very least once a month. Keeping tires at the right pressure allows them to grip the road better, which can help keep you out of the ditch.

Drive tires that are in good shape. Speaking of tires; Tires need a good tread to keep traction to keep you on the road. Make sure you replace your tire when the tread reaches 4/32”. If you’re not sure how to measure that, stop by and let us check it out for you.

Top up fuel levels. This piece of advice is twofold. First off, running out of fuel is bad enough, but doing it in the winter time is that much worse. Second, condensation forms in your fuel tank. In the winter time, this can freeze if your tank is less than half full.

Use winter fluids.  All year around, it’s a good idea to keep an extra jug of wash fluid in your car. When the mercury starts dropping, you want to make sure that the jug you have is good for the time of year. Check your local garage or service station and ask them about winter grade fluids so you can keep your windshield clean, and your eyes on the road.

Use winter grade wiper blades. Keeping windshield wiper blades up to par is a good idea to begin with. Changing them twice a year is probably a good idea. This way you can make sure you have the right blades for the right time of year, and that they’re in great condition and hug your windshield to help keep you between the lines.

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