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Given the drastic drop in value a new vehicle takes as soon as it’s driven home by it’s new owner, and given the rising cost of insuring a new vehicle, now is the time to consider buying used.

But there are more things to consider than mere cost:


Auto industry studies have shown that 12-28 percent of the carbon dioxide emitted during a vehicles lifetime happens during it’s manufacturing and initial shipment. This huge environmental impact can be lessened by buying a pre-owned vehicle. Look out for a vehicle that has good fuel economy, and not only are you saving your wallet, you’re also saving the environment by eliminating that significant emission right from the get go.

And keep the source of fuel in mind when considering electric vehicles. While they might be emission free, the coal or natural-gas burning power plant that the fuel came from is definitely not.


A car [...]

The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Pay attention...or pay the price.

distracted-drivingDespite knowing the dangers, nearly 75% of Canadians surveyed admit to driving while distracted. Distracted driving is now the leading cause of traffic accidents, contributing to 8 in 10 collisions.  And we’re not just talking cell phones, here. Distracted driving is anything that takes your eyes off the road. This obviously includes cell phones, but can also include common things like fixing your mirrors, or skipping through radio stations, or the really out there stuff like applying make-up during your morning commute.

You are 4 times more likely to be involved in a collision if you are talking on a cell phone while driving. This includes a hands free set. That stat jumps to 23 times if you’re texting. Someone who is driving while distracted is failing to see up to half of the information in their [...]

bad credit car loanFebruary is gone and March is here, which means that spring is on the way. With the change in the weather, comes a change in what your vehicle will face on the highway and bi-ways. Cold weather and harsh conditions will take a toll, so here’s what to do to help your vehicle face the melting snow with some renewed vigour.

  1. Check your wheel alignment: Over the winter months, roads are usually bad at their best. With that come ruts, ice chunks and other things that can throw off your car’s alignment. If your car is pulling to one side constantly, or doesn’t drive straight ahead when your steering wheel is centred, it’s time to visit your mechanic. A well aligned car saved your tires from wearing your prematurely, and can [...]

Getting Your Car Through Winter 6 easy steps!


winter-car-imageThey say preventative maintenance is the best kind. But what if you didn’t get your car winterized?  What can you do to make sure you and your car get through unscathed?

Plug in your vehicle. If your vehicle has a block heater, use it, especially on those nights that the temperature dips below -15 Celsius. The block heater will keep your engine warm so when you’re freezing, it will still start up and get you ready to roll.

Check your tire pressure.  The colder it gets, the lower your tire pressure. That makes it very important to keep an eye on it throughout the winter months. Ideally you should check it every time you get gas, but at the very least once a month. Keeping tires at the right pressure allows them to grip the road [...]

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